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Sunday, January 01, 2006



  • At 1:25 PM, Blogger rodefemes said…

    G-d bless you, G-d bless you, G-d bless you. Today I am proud of the rabbis of klal Yisroel. You're all m'kayim the mitzvah of tsedek tsedek tirdof l'maan tichyeh...Where there is justice, there is LIFE.

    But please don't hurt the Jewish Press. They're good people. Wrong on this yes, right so many other times. They've done a lot of good. G-d forbid, don't cancel subscriptions, and don't urge other people to do so. They've brought so many people close to Torah. They've brought so much tikkun to the world. Klal Yisroel needs them desperately.

    Now that you've come out publicly, give them a chance. How many chances did you give Mordy Tendler? He's the rasha, not the Jewish Press.

    Please, I know what I'm talking about. Please don't hurt them. Please take out the statements about the Jewish Press. Let's not fight amongst ourselves. Mordy Tendler is the rasha, not them.

    I pray to the Ribbono Shel Olam you'll do the right thing. G-d bless you.

  • At 6:43 PM, Blogger Rabbinicintegrity said…

    we pray alongside you that in the upcoming issue, as opposed to deafening silence, they will retract every slanderous lie they printed--if only for the memory of the tzaddik Rav Klass Z"l. In addition, we hope they write that at the very least Tendler must do the right thing and promptly step down as "Rav." Until then, we stand behind our comments and could have written a separate book shreding apart every poison pill they used in support of a rashah.
    we will renew when they have finally publicly and repeatedly week after week month after month, "heershiu es harashah" while simultaneously vindicating the tzaddikim with "hitzdiku es hatzadik"

  • At 7:05 PM, Blogger rodefemes said…

    Thank you for the kind reply. And yes, Rav Klass was tzaddik. I'm glad to hear you're amenable. I'm sure the Jewish Press will do the right thing.

  • At 1:46 PM, Blogger Baal habayis said…

    Super, super job. Justice brings peace to the world Rabbi Wosner is a gadol and tzaddik. It obviously took a lot of work - gathering the evidence, thinking, writing, research. The decision is awesome.

    I agree with the above poster, though. Maybe go easy on the Jewish Press. They're actually a victim too, just like a lot of people. Look how many people Tendler fooled for so many, many years. Religious charlatans can do that. Some brains, charisma, pretending to stand up for the "little guy" - agunos, and to top it off, his grandfather is Rav Moshe. A recipe for disaster.

    Tendler is not the only one to pull this kind of shtik. Its happened before in our community, and in the Gentile world. A sex abuser gets accused and arrested, the community is split, some misguided people come to court and defend the guy ("he wouldn't do that kind of thing"), and when the evidence comes in, people are stunned.

    I hope and pray the decision from Rav Wosner, shlita, brings as much shalom as possible. As I think the above poster means, let's not give the bum Mordy a victory by fighting amongst ourselves. At a time like this, we need as much achdus as possible.

    Kol tuv, shalom u'vracha.

  • At 2:08 PM, Blogger doothejew said…

    The Jewish Press is not a real Newspaper
    Cronyism is part of its general way of doing business
    its the perfect example of the American "RAG"
    Try the Hamoadia or Jerusalem POST

  • At 6:48 PM, Blogger fellowjew said…

    The Jewish Press (or at least the individual who is writing the editorials and the editors who continue to allow them) are, in my opinion, resha'im. Regardless of their motives in helping out the Tendler family, they have lied, slandered, and insulted leading American rabbanim, and are single-handedly attempting to destroy the RCA as an organization. Additionally, I know that at least the writer of the editorials has a personal vendetta against the leadership at the RCA which is partially the motivation behind this mudslinging campaign. It is one thing to defend the honor of your rav; it is quite another to slander, assault and assasinate the character of a whole slew of rabbanim in the process. The writers and editors should be ashamed, especially in light of the new developments which are continually pointing adversely at MT. I have no empathy whatsoever for the "new" Jewish Press, despite all the good they have done in the past. When they're ready to do teshuva and apologize, then we can forgive them, but not before.


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